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Birthdate:May 6
Location:Gunnislake, Cornwall, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Mrs Phlegm (aka Bunn) has been going on about this LiveJournal thingy for ages. Yours truly suggested it might just be a forum for self-obsessed whingers with too much time on their hands. I then decided to sign up anyway. I don't have too much time on my hands, I'm not really a whinger (although I usually end up sitting next to them at work) and I'm not self-obsessed. I am a god, but I don't obsess about it (I just let my worshippers do that for me).

Now that I've been on livejournal for a few years, I can see that I was right. It is mostly a forum for self-obsessed whingers with too much time on their hands. But as long as your self-obsessed whinging is interesting, that's ok. I will ban people who leave obnoxious comments though, especially those with unpleasant political views.

Oh you say, you wanted to know a bit about me. Well, I'm originally from Wrexham in North Wales, but I now live in Cornwall. I studied PPE at Magdalen College, Oxford. By profession I'm both a Chartered Accountant and a Google Qualified Advertising Professional. I run a web development and online marketing agency with my wife and I also own The Shop on the Borderlands, an online retailer of classic and new roleplaying games, wargames and board games.
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