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I'm just about old enough to remember when Bryan Adams was cool, something that I imagine anyone not well into their forties would struggle to believe was ever the case. But there was a Bryan Adams before that awful Robin Hood song that spent seemingly most of 1991 at number 1 in the charts. (I'm also old enough to remember when singles charts weren't just random dance acts and boy bands.)

And this was a damned good song. I really like the Bowling for Soup cover version too, but I've decided to present the original to you. Here's the video:

You may recognise the girl in the video as Lysette Anthony. She was quite the British starlet at the time. There was a sitcom with the bloke out of Boon and the woman who played Marjorie in To The Manor Born (the name of the sitcom escapes me) and she was also in a few historical dramas featuring young ladies in tight corsets breathing in and out a lot. The photographer David Bailey called her "The Face of the Eighties". Her career seems to have dried up since then and she's apparently been living on benefits in a grotty part of London.
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Before and After Photoshop celebrity portraits

The world's cutest frog.

Ricky Gervais's 'Derek' was brilliant (I agree) - moving, superbly acted (especially Kerry Godliman), but many people will hate it just because they don't like Ricky Gervais or because it deals with taboo subjects.

"Scarfolk is a town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979." Great nostalgia.

Academic research shows that Twitter reaction to events does not always reflect the views of the wider population. (Geez, I could have thold them that...)

Using Google Maps to plot where Stalin's Moscow victims lived.

Was Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner a paedophile? (His biographer argues no, but it's on something of a technicality...) The review is worth reading just for the Biddy Baxter incident. Not that you should giggle at this sort of thing.

"We must preserve the Earth's dwindling resources for my five children."

If we used the SNP's argument that oil fields nearer to an independent Scotland rather than the remaining UK would become Scottish, then Shetland should totally declare independence from Edinburgh.

OK History Channel, whose bright idea was it to cast a Barack Obama lookalike as the Devil in your dramatisation of 'The Bible'? (And come to think of it, what the hell (pun intended) is the History Channel doing dramatising ‘The Bible’?)

How well do you know your fiscal facts?

Dying Total War fan's likeness put into Rome: Total War II. (When I die, ask Sports Interactive to put my name into Football Manager…)

Six growth-stimulating macro-economic policies that are more sensible than fuelling another property bubble (George...)

These are the mods you need to make Skyrim even more gorgeous. (I've tried them, they really do.)

The Inspector Gadget theme at one eighth speed. Sounds almost classical.

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I saw this pointed out the other day. It had never occurred to me before, but it is a bit odd:

Nobody in The Big Bang Theory ever seems to read a book.

Well yes, the four boys read comics, but that's about it. Wouldn't they read books too?

Surely Sheldon would read hard SF - Arthur C. Clarke for example. I could see Leonard liking classic SF, but nothing too political - Asimov rather than Heinlein say. Raj is girly enough to go for Twilight, while I reckon Howard would have all of the Gor books. It seems really odd to me that very clever geeks don't read SF or Fantasy. Even when things like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings are mentioned, it's the films or TV series rather than the original novels.

And while we're thinking about it, wouldn't Penny read chick lit?

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OK, this isn't quite on the Firefly level of infuriating cancellations, but it's still pretty annoying. Apparently ratings were low. Well what do you expect if you tuck something away on BBC f***ing Four with no publicity? This should have been a mainstream comedy drama. The main three actors were all recognisable to a mainstream audience, it's based on a couple of books written by one of this country's most enduringly popular authors and it's (sort of) a detective series, for Arkleseizure's sake! It should have been on BBC2 if not BBC1. Instead, it was tucked out of the way alongside the likes of 'Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys'* and 'Canal Walks with Julia Bradbury'. In a hundred channel environment, BBC4 is not the first place to look for light entertainment / comedy drama.

* This is a real programme. It sounds like a joke programme that a desperate Alan Partridge would come up with to pitch to BBC execs, only for them to shake their heads sadly. To be fair though, tonight's episode takes the former Defence Secretary to Wrexham, so I will watch it.
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Of course a library tidy-up wouldn't be a real tidy-up just if we moved some books around. No, for a proper tidy-up, you have to be prepared to chuck some stuff out. Some of these are duplicates, some of these are books we probably won't get around to reading any time soon, and others we just don't want or need any more. Before I chuck them or take them to a charity shop, I thought I would offer them to you lot. Price is free plus P&P, assuming the latter is other than trivial. If you're interested, say what you want in a comment. First come first served.

Here's the list of available books (plus one DVD)... )
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Some of my favourite things from 2011. Also, some of my not-so-favourite things.
Warning: may contain sport. I know most people on my friends list don't really do sport, but…well tough. This is my review of the year. Also contains books, games, television and a whole host of other stuff.

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