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Never swallow a porcupine whole.

And the lesson to be learned here is this: make a self-deprecating joke to a conference that could be misinterpreted as politically incorrect if removed from the context in which it was made, then it _will_ be removed from its context, selectively quoted and used by a social media mob to hound you out of your job, no matter how great your previous accomplishments. Richard Dawkins is angry about this, and really so should we all be. This is typical of the condemnatory articles that didn't think to check facts.

Doctor Who Online does look to be defrauding advertisers. They’ve tried this with The Shop on the Borderlands (we sell Doctor Who RPGs), but I was too sceptical. Combine a proprietary analytics system that massively overstates traffic with quite persistent selling, and yes, I think Mr Sandifer is on to something.

Half of households receive more in benefits than they pay in taxes. (And that’s before you include the cost of state education, state healthcare, public sector salaries etc…)

Free market lessons from Scandinavia.

The man who invented trainspotting (sort of) has died.

Well Google, this is awkward...

Sir Nicholas Winton, the "British Schindler", has died aged 106.

Did Joss Whedon base Firefly on Traveller? This is a good examination of the evidence.

Holograms that you can touch (sort of). Next step, Holodecks!

This year's ENnie Awards (the RPG and miniatures industry awards)  nominees

So let me get this straight - Scottish votes for Scottish laws is right and proper; Welsh votes for Welsh laws is right and proper; Northern Irish votes for Northern Irish laws is right and proper but English votes for English laws is "racist".

Nice collection of photos of the British Grand Prix over the years.

I'm amazed that the Forth Bridge isn't already a World Heritage Site.

This is who we got to present the winner's trophy at this year's You're Hired! final. Seems a good chap.

This time it really is the end of the line for  the Avro Vulcan.

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This...this is a Lego Star Destroyer.

Got decent broadband? Looking for a way to show it off? How about live streaming HD video from the International Fricking Space Station?

Was dinosaur blood "not too hot, not too cold"?

This is sad. I wonder if Satao was descended from the elephant in Mike Resnick’s SF novel ‘Ivory’. (Incidentally, I strongly recommend that book.)

Welsh kids are really bad at getting into Oxford and Cambridge. (Is the appropriate response to this to feel smug at having done so?)

Remember my LJ post discussing whether you had to agree with an author's views to like their work? Any Marion Zimmer Bradley fans here...?

"The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive." Oh, that's ok then.

I love this article about France midfielder Paul Pogba playing Football Manager on the plane.

O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics

Football's rudest names. One day in Football Manager, I'm going to include the Peruvian leagues, just so that I can manage Deportivo Wanka.

Noddy Holder given the Freedom of Walsall. I've been to Walsall. I think I'd just want to be free to leave.

World of Warcraft player gets to level 90 without picking a side. That's a lot of herb-picking.

PC only game being developed by some ex-Team Ico staff. That's interesting...

Gamechanger - The Virtual Tabletop Gaming Surface.

Black-Footed Cat kittens. I want hybrid pets!

Ten Myths About Britain's Relationship With The EU

More than half of UK households take more in benefits and services than they contribute in tax.

Which UK political party's "Friends of Palestine" group linked to an article saying "no Brit should consider voting Labour as it is run by a Zionist Jew...the time is ripe to cleanse British public life of Zionists and Jerusalemites"? The BNP? No. Respect? No…

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New Statesman: "Movember is divisive, gender normative, racist"

Amazon reviews explain just how good Samsung 4K TV is.

Kamchatka looks like Mordor. (Admit it - you only know where Kamchatka is because you've played Risk...)

Why do so many people think that video games are for boys?

Man successfully sues wife over ugly children. (To be fair, they are really ugly. Yeah, that makes me a bad person, I know.)

What Chancellors Do and Don't Influence.

Who could Ed Miliband replace his inept Shadow Chancellor with?

Assessing Nelson Mandela, by a British diplomat in South Africa at the time of his release.

It turns out that Margaret Thatcher was working hard to negotiate Mandela's release when most other world leaders were happy to push for sanctions and forget about him.

Larry Correia does really good signed copies.

It's finally the end for the VW Camper Van.

"I think taxes should be higher." "I'd be happy to pay higher taxes." - Common sentiments among certain sections of society. So how much did these people give voluntarily in extra taxation last year? A grand total of £604.48.

Interesting map of American English dialects and accents.

24 Rules for Being a Gentleman in 2014.

And 24 Rules for Being a Lady in 2014.

How the Media Will Report the Apocalypse.

I love it when people live up to their stereotypes. Today's stereotype: Glaswegians.

This month's Headline of the Month, from today's Metro.

After the footballers who look like lesbians and the meerkats who look like Nigel Farage and the otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch, it's the Empress of All The Russias who looks like David Cameron.


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