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2024 Champions League Final

Manchester United 1 - 0 Manchester City

The second consecutive all-Manchester final, with the same result. Young Daniel Millar with the United winner.

De Gea
Geiger   Jones   San Martin   Shaw
Pogba   Bell (Thiago)
Januzaj (Koke)   Millar   Memphis
Kaczmarek (Munir)

Paredes (Crisetig)   Nastasic   Zouma   Collier
D'Andrea   Rodriguez
Messi   Guerin (Martial)
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2023 Champions League Final

Manchester City 5 - 6 Manchester United (after extra time)
(Both teams managed by different incarnations of me.)

City goalscorers
Guerin (2)
Keita (four minutes into injury time to send the match into extra time)

United goalscorers
Memphis (2)
Millar (2, both in extra time for the teenager, coming off the bench)

City lineup (41122)
R. Rodriguez   Nastasic   Stones    Paredes
J. Rodriguez
Keita    D'Andrea
Guerin   Messi
Subs: Diallo, El Shaarawy, Nem

United lineup (4231)
De Gea
Shaw   Rojo   San Martin   Danilo
Thiaguinho   Koke
Ronaldo   Januzaj   Memphis
Subs: Munir, Thiago, Millar
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Here's a clever way to make interstellar travel real.

"Around 50% 'hold authoritarian views'". Sounds shocking. What’s more shocking is the ignorance of the researchers (three politics professors no less, albeit from second rate universities) as to what constitutes “authoritarian”. Authoritarians would presumably favour powerful state control, right? You know, like Stalin or Hitler or Mao. Not according to these three clowns. Apparently “ideological sympathy for… rolling back the state” is an authoritarian point of view. Incredible.

Thankfully I wasn't the only person to spot this.

Did you own a copy of Buckaroo or MouseTrap when you were a kid? There's a good chance it was assembled by Irish slaves. Seriously.

The new president of the National Union of Students sounds like a lovely girl.

The Game of Thrones Mock Draft.

The Stevland Angus Appreciation Society

Brave socio-political commentary in 'My Little Pony'. Yes, really.

The man who put 50p on Leicester City to win the Premier League at 5000/1 and cashed it out for 45p after one match (which they won 4-2).

Richard 'fuckwit' Murphy had to publically apologise to Lord Ashcroft and make a donation to his charity for being wrong. I wish the legal system could force him to make an apology every other time he’s been wrong.

Paramount is trying to claim copyright over the Klingon Language. The Language Creation Society's legal reply is wonderful.

Why are we so understanding towards the crimes of Communism? A suggestion I’ve seen elsewhere is that International Labour Day should be replaced with a day of remembrance for the victims of communism and socialism. Good idea.

Gerry Adams apologises for tweeting the word "nigger". I’m amazed at the fuss about this. Might it not have occurred to the twitter commentariat that heading a terrorist organisation responsible for the deaths of 1,800 people is ever so slightly worse than typing a naughty word into social media?

10 things the bookies thought were more likely to happen than Leicester City winning the Premier League.

When the US Navy had flying aircraft carriers.

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First of all, you need to know that one of the odder things about the way that I play Football Manager is that I almost always play as more than one manager at a time. This is because it's a very different game depending on which team you manage. So managing a rich Champions League team is very different to managing a cash-strapped lower league team. And managing an international team is different again. Some of these managers I name after real football people. (Currently Glenn Hoddle and Eric Cantona.) Some of them are entirely fictional. (Currently I have 'Wim Kuiper', a laid-back Dutch manager who has just got the Arsenal job and Manchester United and Spain manager 'Gabriel Perez Cruz' who was a physical United centre-forward in a much older game of Football Manager.) And one of them is me. (I manage Wrexham, and have just got them promoted to the Championship, the second tier of English football.)

Glenn Hoddle had started off as England manager, but was sacked after a disappointing World Cup campaign in 2018, when England failed to get out of the group stage. He then took over the South Korean national side and won the Asian Cup with them, before taking the France job. France qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Eric Cantona had started off as Manchester United manager, but was sacked after only one (unsuccessful) season. He then took over newly-relegated Aston Villa and got them back into the Premier League before leaving for Inter Milan. He lasted a couple of seasons there before being sacked. Then he briefly took charge of Croatia, then France where he was sacked after a disappointing 2020 European Championship. Then he took the vacant Holland job but frankly made a bit of a mess of it and Holland failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. He saved a poor Everton side from relegation, but resigned after the Board failed to back him with any transfer funds to rebuild the squad (profit of £100million, transfer budget of £3million.).

That was the situation shortly before the 2022 World Cup.

Then Manchester City manager Marcelo Bielsa retired. Hoddle and Cantona both applied for the job and Hoddle was offered it - on condition that he leave the France job. Which he did - seven days before France's opening World Cup game against Gabriel Perez Cruz's Spain. In something of a panic, the French FA desperately looked around for a manager able to manage France at very short notice, and appointed Cantona.

And this is where it gets interesting...Read more... )
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2020 Champions League Final
Real Madrid 0 - 5 Manchester United (two goals from Bale, two from Munir and an Alvarez Balanta own goal, Bale was man of the match against his old team)

United team:
De Gea
Danilo Jones Pique Shaw
Koke Thiago (Herrera)
Januzaj Mata (Unal) Bale

This completes an unprecedented quadruple for United:
World Club Champions
Premier League
FA Cup (beat Norwich 5-1 in the final, three goals from Januzaj, two from Munir)
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2019 Champions League Final

Manchester United 3 - 1 Real Madrid

MUFC goals: Shaw, Falcao, Bale
Real goal: Otavio

United team (4231)

De Gea
Danilo (Pique), Jones, Rojo, Shaw
Koke, Thiago (Herrera)
Bale, Januzaj, Munir (Di Maria)
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...this must surely be the best single game performance.

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In Football Manager, it is possible to take a holiday from the game and leave it simulating in the background. I've done this myself a few times - usually when I'm about to start on the new year's edition, but I want to quickly see how my old team(s) get on for the next couple of seasons in my absence.

This guy did the same thing, only he simulated not one, not two, but 1,000 seasons, from 2014 to 3015. It took his computer 58 days to do that.

FM is remarkably realistic over the short term, but simulating 1,000 years is bound to throw up some events which seem unlikely now. For example:

  • Sheffield United were the most successful club.

  • It took Holland until 2586 to win their first World Cup (and to think Skinner and Baddiel complained about "thirty years of hurt"...)

  • Lincoln from Gibraltar played 740 games in the Europa League over the course of the millennium and failed to win any of them.

  • In 1,000 years, Portsmouth (in the Premier League as recently as 2010) managed just one season in the Premier League.

  • Chelsea won the first Premier League title of the simulation, but that was their last title for over 900 years.

  • The Metropolitan Police won the FA Cup, and have a 50,000 seat stadium.

  • Everton didn't.

  • Bromley FC (current stadium capacity: 6,000) have an 86,000 seat stadium.

  • Both Celtic and Red Bull Salzburg have stadiums seating more than 600,000 spectators.

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I haven’t done a Phligm Phlagm post since April. (Sorry, I’ve been really busy…) We have some catching up to do. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and / or are informed by these links:

The maths (and beauty) behind a perfect 147. Make sure you watch Ronnie O’Sullivan’s five minutes and 20 seconds 147 – one of the all time greatest accomplishments in any sport.

This is the sort of thing that should be in that Alanis Morrisette song instead of "rain on your wedding day".

Few people regularly make me as angry as this incompetent, ill-informed, hypocritical, leftard.

Great myths of British politics, number 745: "The NHS is the most efficient health system in the world". (According to the OECD, only Ireland and Greece could make greater savings from more efficient healthcare systems.)

Even among countries with similar healthcare systems, the UK's is "below average". (So can we please stop this “envy of the world” bollocks?)

"My obsession with a fictional Football Manager megastar." (I had to put this in quotation marks to make it clear that this wasn't me...)

Diane "divide and rule" Abbott tutting that the "Tories harp on about Mid-Staffs". (Yeah, cos it’s not as if 1,200 people dying because of neglect in a state-run hospital is something politicians should be concerned about…)

"We're a class project."

A Greek God Family Tree

Student union backs excluding white people from 'anti-racism' events.

RIP Yeoman Rand.

PwC is going to ignore graduates' A-level results when recruiting. (This surprises me. When I was being recruited as a trainee chartered accountant, and when I was recruiting trainee chartered accountants, it was generally accepted that A-level grades were the best indication of future success in ACA exams, far more so than class of degree.)

George Digweed, the greatest British sportsman you've never heard of.

You know those really expensive very large Lego Super Star Destroyers? What if you dropped one from a great height? And filmed it. At 1000fps.

10 typographic mistakes everyone makes (and which life is far, far too short to care about.)

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As myself:
Manchester United
FIFA Club World Cup x 2
Champions League x 2
Premier League x 6
FA Cup x 5
League Cup x 4
European Super Cup x 2

European Championship semi-finalists
World Cup semi-finalists

As Eric Cantona
Promoted from Ligue 2
Coupe de France x 2
Coupe de la Ligue x 1

Copa America x 1

Newell's Old Boys
Copa Argentina x 1

Time for Football Manager 2015 I think...
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Once again, feel free to ignore. This is for my own benefit really.

Read more... )
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This...this is a Lego Star Destroyer.

Got decent broadband? Looking for a way to show it off? How about live streaming HD video from the International Fricking Space Station?

Was dinosaur blood "not too hot, not too cold"?

This is sad. I wonder if Satao was descended from the elephant in Mike Resnick’s SF novel ‘Ivory’. (Incidentally, I strongly recommend that book.)

Welsh kids are really bad at getting into Oxford and Cambridge. (Is the appropriate response to this to feel smug at having done so?)

Remember my LJ post discussing whether you had to agree with an author's views to like their work? Any Marion Zimmer Bradley fans here...?

"The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive." Oh, that's ok then.

I love this article about France midfielder Paul Pogba playing Football Manager on the plane.

O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics

Football's rudest names. One day in Football Manager, I'm going to include the Peruvian leagues, just so that I can manage Deportivo Wanka.

Noddy Holder given the Freedom of Walsall. I've been to Walsall. I think I'd just want to be free to leave.

World of Warcraft player gets to level 90 without picking a side. That's a lot of herb-picking.

PC only game being developed by some ex-Team Ico staff. That's interesting...

Gamechanger - The Virtual Tabletop Gaming Surface.

Black-Footed Cat kittens. I want hybrid pets!

Ten Myths About Britain's Relationship With The EU

More than half of UK households take more in benefits and services than they contribute in tax.

Which UK political party's "Friends of Palestine" group linked to an article saying "no Brit should consider voting Labour as it is run by a Zionist Jew...the time is ripe to cleanse British public life of Zionists and Jerusalemites"? The BNP? No. Respect? No…

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2019 Copa America Final

Brazil 5 - 2 Ecuador

Brazil goals Neymar (4), Rafinha

Brazil team (4231):
Rafael     Antonio Carlos      Juan Jesus    Alex Telles
Lucas    Sandro
Neymar    Rafinha    Lucas Moura
Subs: Bernard, Oscar, Alex Sandro
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2019 Champions League Final
Manchester United 2 - 0 Bayern Munich

United team

De Gea
Evans  Martins Indi
Shaw  Jones  Rafael
Deulofeu  Barkley  Rafinha  Januzaj

Subs: Fabregas, Wellbeck, Clyne

This completes an unprecedented quadruple for United. We'd already won the League Cup, Premier League and FA Cup this year.


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