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A rousing defence of private property from an unusual source.

Why are NHS Accident & Emergency units suddenly too busy to cope?

Very serious corruption in the NHS watchdog. Seriously, people should go to prison for this.

Which society connects Oswald Mosley, the founders of the London School of Economics, H.G. Wells and Bernard Shaw...and advocated eugenic sterilisation?

I'm not a fan of James Blunt's music, but his Twitter putdowns are great, he prevented World War 3* and you have to appreciate letters to leftards that begin "Dear Chris Bryant MP, You classist gimp..."

"Tax Systems: The good, the bad and the completely toot toot ding-dong loopy"

2014 was the warmest year in moden record.

...although actually it's within the margin of error and tied with 2005 and 2010.

Dodgy anti-trade measures from "so called chocolate maker Hershey's". (I remember a colleague who had been on holiday to the US bringing some Hershey’s ‘chocolate’ into the office for everyone to taste. It tastes of vomit. I’m not saying this in a way that means “it doesn’t taste very nice”, I mean literally that you can taste vomit and you can taste Hershey’s and they taste very, very similar. And everyone in the office who had some agreed with this assessment. If you run a Google search for “Hersheys tastes”, see what the auto-complete suggestions are. How is this stuff so popular?)

How to appreciate American cuisine.

Baseball's toxic tradition - chewing tobacco.

Benedict Cumberbuzzle falls victim to SJW idiocy. (The leading black/colored/coloured/African-American civil rights pressure group in the US is the “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” so how can the word “colored” be “outdated” or “offensive”? But presumably your typical hashtag social justice warrior is too stupid to realise this.) See Rules 21, 22 and 23.

Lars Andersen explodes Hollywood's archery myths.

Geekdad explodes Lars Andersen's archery myths.

Practical jokes through facebook advertising.

124 year old business destroyed by single-letter Companies House typo.

The French government has just spent £40million on this "How to spot a Musilim Terrorist" wallchart.

* True story.

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I asked "If / when you wash dishes by hand, how do you dry them?"

The joint most popular answers were "Leave them on a rack to dry naturally" and "Rinse them under the tap then put them in a rack to dry naturally". Which is interesting.

You see, what prompted this, was this article which attempts to answer the question "Do the British not rinse dishes after washing them?". The article comes to the conclusion that over 60% of people in this country do rinse.

I'm one of them - I rinse. (Not that we have to do manual dish washing very often because we have a dishwasher.) However, I have seen other people who don't and I have thought "Doesn't that mean that the soap will dry on the dishes?" Clearly Americans think this too. And of the people who said that they do rinse, three of you (at least) are either American or have lived for a while in the US.

So a question for the rinsers among you: Are you disgusted by the idea of eating off non-rinsed plates and dishes?

And a question for the non-rinsers: Do your plates and dishes (and hence your food) ever taste of soap?
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1. Creamy white hot chocolate (Enough for two large mugs.)

Take one 200g bar of decent quality white chocolate. Crush it into small pieces.
Pour pint of gold top milk into a saucepan. (If you don't have gold top, then just add some cream to normal milk. If you don't have normal milk, but insist on skimmed or semi-skimmed 'milk' then your taste buds probably aren't sophisticated enough to enjoy this drink, so try recipe 2 instead.)
Heat the milk to a simmer.
Keep the milk simmering while slowly adding the chocolate. Stir as you add each small piece of chocolate to avoid lumps. Ideally each lump of chocolate should have melted before you add the next.
Poor into two large mugs.
Top with mini-marshmallows and (optional) grated dark chocolate.

2. Deep, dark hot chocolate (Enough for one mug)

Grate some really good, really dark chocolate or cacao into a mug. Enough that you have a powder about 1cm deep in the mug. You want this to be as high a percentage cocoa solids as you can get. I used 100% pure cacao. Any chocolate above 70% cocoa solids would probably be ok, but the better quality the chocolate, the better the drink. (If you think Bournville counts as good, dark chocolate, then your taste buds probably aren't sophisticated enough to enjoy this drink. Have some Nescafe instead.)
Boil some water.
Add boiling water to mug.
Stir in two teaspoons of Golden Syrup. (Honey would probably work too.) The syrup takes the edge off the bitterness of the chocolate / cacao while adding a deep kind of sweetness.
Don't add marshmallows.
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The dogs playing D&D poster

The NFL probably wants a team in London.

1st edition AD&D combat can be straightforward, with this handy eight page flowchart!

Correlating Doctor Who preferences with voting intentions. I love living in a country where someone thinks this is worth doing.

Some unfortunate publishing layouts.

Forget the console launches at E3; the PC is the top gaming platform for the next couple of years.

World's oldest human dies.

Here's the new holder of the title.

Javapocalypse. "It's a virus!"

Domino-toppling, but with books.

Pet Shop Boys less racist than Stephen Hawking.

The Spirit Level is bollocks. (But you knew that already.)

Schools probably aren't the right institutions to be giving careers advice. (Mine certainly wasn't.)

Siberian bear-hunting armour from the 1800s.

Did you know that you can see the food hygiene ratings of all UK restaurants online?

Does anyone else think that the "Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame" possibly isn't up to much if they've only just got around to adding J.R.R. Tolkien (in the same class as David Bowie!)?

Richard 'I am Legend' Matheson has died.

Mick Aston has died, but not before slagging off Time Team's producers.

Four changes to English so subtle we hardly notice they're happening.

My old school has gone downhill. Mind you, it was 1,600 pupils in five years when I was there; merging it with another school surely wasn't clever.

David A. Trampier - the forgotten AD&D artist.

Brazilian amateur football match: Referee sends player off. Player refuses to go. Player and referee fight. Referee pulls a knife. Referee stabs player. To death. Player's friends and relatives rush onto pitch. Player's friends and relatives stone referee. To death. Player's friends and relatives decapitate referee's corpse.


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