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The latest target of the PC police - Gilbert & Sullivan.

"Controversy as Chester Zoo opens 'Wrexham Scally Enclosure'". (I should point out that Homo Wrexhamius Scalliensis Chavus is pretty much confined to the southern part of Wrexham, not the nice bit where I’m from…)

Why Gandhi is such an asshole in Civilisation.

The Curious Case of the (Medieval) Weapon that Didn't Exist

Why you can't just have more quantitative easing to get rid of the national debt.

This is not a 512gb microSD card.

The worst football kits of all time. They’re all bad, but Colorado, seriously…?

This month's best headline is from an astronomy website.

"A lousy, stupid, no good, bad, law is being proposed."

Star Wars Episode IV in a single image. (OK, it’s a very big image, but still…)

Minimalist, anonymous rooms are probably not a good place to do teamwork.

"We all owe a significant debt to Richard Murphy." No, really.

I'm an only child, so I can't really relate to this. Nevertheless I thought it was a sweet film about growing up being “Player Two”.

Woman accidentally joins search party looking for herself.

Today's most widely misinterpreted piece of economics, from the IMF. There are two arguments put forward in the paper. The first is that there are risks associated with capital account liberalisation (allowing money into and out of the country with less regulation). The second is that although high public debt is bad for growth and welfare, for countries with excellent records of debt repayment, like the US, the UK and Germany, a “credible medium-term fiscal consolidation” makes more sense than a “fiscal noose today”. In other words, slowly bringing down debt as a percentage of GDP, not slashing everything to balance the budget as soon as possible. Now that’s pretty much what the UK’s current fiscal policy is. Still I suppose “IMF economists broadly agree with George Osborne” isn’t quite as good a headline as “You’re witnessing the death of neoliberalism – from within”. Seriously, this is a paper that says “There is much to cheer in the neoliberal agenda. The expansion of global trade has rescued millions from abject poverty. Foreign direct investment has often been a way to transfer technology and know-how to developing economies. Privatization of state-owned enterprises has in many instances led to more efficient provision of services and lowered the fiscal burden on governments”… and Facebook (and one of our less reputable newspapers) is full of idiots claiming that “we are witnessing the death of neoliberalism”.­

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This is actually a post about the Apple iPad, but I thought that if I put that in the title, then people who are understandably hype-fatigued by the device might be put off.

Half the internet is full of Apple fanboys and fangirls gushing over the device.

The other half seems to be full of people pointing out the device's shortcomings. "It's nothing new", "It's just a big iPhone without a phone", "It can't multitask", "The battery life is too short", "It's too fragile" and "It can't cope with Flash-based websites".

"None of this matters" say the fanpersons, "It doesn't need to do any of those things. And anyway, Flash is an obsolete technology that nobody uses any more."

The BBC website has a huge advert, sorry "news story" about the iPad, with a gushing video review by celebrity fanboy Stephen Fry.

The video is in Flash.

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What follows is a selection of thoughts on books, cars, games, food, all sorts of things in fact.

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I've been ill (and off work) since Monday night. (Please, no hugs.) As Tuesday should have been my first day back at JOLF after a two week break (which itself was only two days after a week and a half holiday), I am expecting to fend off the odd semi-snide remark when I finally do return to work hopefully sometime next week.

I blame Denon's technical writers for my illness.

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New telly!

Sep. 12th, 2009 10:53 pm
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I had seriously considered replacing our elderly main television earlier in the year. In its day, it was a very, very good television and it's given us six good years. But, it's only standard definition and an annoying flickering* that could previously be cured by turning it on and off again now seems more likely to reappear.

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Having bought an audiobook online ('A Game of Thrones' by George R.R. Martin, unabridged, read by Roy Dotrice - 33 hours, US$40 from and downloaded it in .mp3 format, I find when I import it to iTunes that iTunes won't recognise it as an audiobook. Presumably had I bought it from the iTunes store (I would have, except that they don't sell it), iTunes would have known it was an audiobook and would have filed it appropriately.

Cut for yet another rant about how annoying Apple is, followed by the solution )
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I was thinking* of buying one. I enjoyed using this thing at the You're Hired! final, but as you'd imagine, the quality ain't great (just about good enough for me to put together a highlights reel for YouTube hopefully).

I'd assumed that camcorders capable of proper television quality with nice optical zoom lenses and built in hard disks would be a lot more expensive, but this Sony one isn't actually that much more in absolute terms.

Is there anyone out there who knows about camcorders and would be able to comment? The reviews look good.

* Anyone who knows me well will know that this is only the start of a complex research and procurement process. I've been thinking of hiring a qualified procurement professional to help with this sort of thing. If only I knew one...
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Well, not exactly wild, but certainly frisky. I've borrowed one of these from work. Can you guess why?

Anyway, to put it through its paces, I took it with me when we walked the dogs in Tavistock this evening. Lots and lots of ponies. In a way, they are Dartmoor ponies, since they're ponies and they're on Dartmoor. Really though, they're Shetlands. Anyway, lots of them either had foals or looked as if they were about to. So I filmed some, and uploaded the video to YouTube:

Incidentally, the small stone hut you can see briefly off to the left was designed by Lutyens.
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After several years of arguing that I didn't want one, I have finally succumbed to peer pressure.

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Dec. 12th, 2006 11:15 pm
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They breed you know. Speakers that is. I've just counted how many we have in our living room.

It's nineteen.


Nineteen is:
a) the average age of a combat soldier in the Vietnam War and
b) a hell of a lot of speakers for one room.

Is our living room abnormal in this respect?

How many speakers does the typical living room contain?


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