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This...this is a Lego Star Destroyer.

Got decent broadband? Looking for a way to show it off? How about live streaming HD video from the International Fricking Space Station?

Was dinosaur blood "not too hot, not too cold"?

This is sad. I wonder if Satao was descended from the elephant in Mike Resnick’s SF novel ‘Ivory’. (Incidentally, I strongly recommend that book.)

Welsh kids are really bad at getting into Oxford and Cambridge. (Is the appropriate response to this to feel smug at having done so?)

Remember my LJ post discussing whether you had to agree with an author's views to like their work? Any Marion Zimmer Bradley fans here...?

"The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive." Oh, that's ok then.

I love this article about France midfielder Paul Pogba playing Football Manager on the plane.

O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics

Football's rudest names. One day in Football Manager, I'm going to include the Peruvian leagues, just so that I can manage Deportivo Wanka.

Noddy Holder given the Freedom of Walsall. I've been to Walsall. I think I'd just want to be free to leave.

World of Warcraft player gets to level 90 without picking a side. That's a lot of herb-picking.

PC only game being developed by some ex-Team Ico staff. That's interesting...

Gamechanger - The Virtual Tabletop Gaming Surface.

Black-Footed Cat kittens. I want hybrid pets!

Ten Myths About Britain's Relationship With The EU

More than half of UK households take more in benefits and services than they contribute in tax.

Which UK political party's "Friends of Palestine" group linked to an article saying "no Brit should consider voting Labour as it is run by a Zionist Jew...the time is ripe to cleanse British public life of Zionists and Jerusalemites"? The BNP? No. Respect? No…

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This upcoming film by Cameron Crowe and starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson is based on the true story of a bloke called Benjamin Mee who bought our local zoo (Dartmoor Zoo, just outside Plymouth). We asked him to come along to the You're Hired! final to be our guest speaker, and he was brilliant. (Unfortunately I missed most of his talk because the guest speaker is basically there to occupy the contestants while the judges are deciding on the winners. I did speak to him later, and he's keen to get involved more in this year's competition. We're even thinking of holding the final there next summer.

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It was only a small one (although it squealed loud enough that we thought it was a dying rabbit from the living room). One of two cats brought it in. Big, impressive-looking Kjetil (see userpic) is usually the culprit when it comes to rabbits, but he seemed scared of it. While it was running away from bunn, me and my two wellies* the rat ran towards him and Kjetil dashed out through the cat flap. Yamamayaa on the other hand (our smallest, weediest, but fiercest cat**) went for it and had to be pulled out from under the open dishwasher door. I'm pretty certain that this was Yama's prize. Hunting rats is of course not a bad thing for a cat** to do, but I would prefer that he killed them and ate them outside rather than bringing them into the kitchen to play with them.

* This is by far the best way to catch small rodents that come into the house.
** I say cat. That (literally) isn't entirely true since he's about one eighth Asian Leopard Cat. He may also be about one eighth pit fiend.
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The idea is that someone picks five of your userpics and you have to explain what they are and why they are your userpics.

See the comments for my explanations.

Feel free to ask me about other userpics or ask me to pick five of yours.


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