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This article struck something of a chord. Actually that's an understatement.

If the article is TL:DR, here's the executive summary: Organisations recruit clever people, but then discourage them from using their intelligence. It could easily have been written about my former employer (one of the Big 4 global professional services firms). And it's one of the things that consistently bugged me the most.
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You don't need this laptop.

Trying to understand the EU's actions against Apple and the Republic of Ireland.

It's not shocking that professional employers judge applicants for client-facing roles partly on their appearance and their dress. What is shocking is that not only do state schools not teach this stuff, they sometimes don’t like it when employers try to do it instead.

Useful smartphone test. When I last bought a smartphone, I read lots of reviews, but one question that was never asked was “How good is it at making and receiving calls?”, that is “How good is it at actually being a phone”"?”

According to the latest Rowntree Foundation definition, someone in the top 0.32% of global incomes is now "in poverty". Muppets.

British WW2 propaganda posters.

Think you're good at Lego building? This guy is better.

If you were an American games company raising funds on Kickstarter for a new family card game "that combines speed, hilarious gestures, and your silly side for 2-6 players, ages 6+", and you weren't that familiar with politically incorrect British playground slang, what's the worst name you could come up with...?

"Nobody ever got sacked for buying IBM" …but maybe in this case, someone should have been.

When I was an auditor, this sort of clever statistical analysis was called a logic check. This is a good logic check on why American police might treat certain groups differently. (Hat tip to ford_prefect42.)

Archaeological evidence of a major bronze age battle in northern Germany c.1250 BC.

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The best business schools now recruit people with both experience of industry and teaching ability. (…and so does my university, which is how I’m there. However, since the business school is only in its second year, it might be a while before we catch up with Harvard…)

Japan is more low-tech than you might think.

...and Sony has just finished making Betamax cassettes. (I bet there are still fanboys out there arguing that the picture quality is better than VHS.)

Not for the first time, I thought we'd reached Peak Guardian, but no!

The sad tale of the man who designed the Diamond Jubilee Barge.

Visiting every Toby Carvey in Britain with a blind photographer.

7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding (Actually, they’re more things you might like to avoid than really appalling sins, but hey.)

A really nice map of Expert D&D Module X1: The Isle of Dread

'Virtue signalling' is not virtue. Good point. (And I am aware of the irony of linking to this post using social media.)

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I haven’t done a Phligm Phlagm post since April. (Sorry, I’ve been really busy…) We have some catching up to do. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and / or are informed by these links:

The maths (and beauty) behind a perfect 147. Make sure you watch Ronnie O’Sullivan’s five minutes and 20 seconds 147 – one of the all time greatest accomplishments in any sport.

This is the sort of thing that should be in that Alanis Morrisette song instead of "rain on your wedding day".

Few people regularly make me as angry as this incompetent, ill-informed, hypocritical, leftard.

Great myths of British politics, number 745: "The NHS is the most efficient health system in the world". (According to the OECD, only Ireland and Greece could make greater savings from more efficient healthcare systems.)

Even among countries with similar healthcare systems, the UK's is "below average". (So can we please stop this “envy of the world” bollocks?)

"My obsession with a fictional Football Manager megastar." (I had to put this in quotation marks to make it clear that this wasn't me...)

Diane "divide and rule" Abbott tutting that the "Tories harp on about Mid-Staffs". (Yeah, cos it’s not as if 1,200 people dying because of neglect in a state-run hospital is something politicians should be concerned about…)

"We're a class project."

A Greek God Family Tree

Student union backs excluding white people from 'anti-racism' events.

RIP Yeoman Rand.

PwC is going to ignore graduates' A-level results when recruiting. (This surprises me. When I was being recruited as a trainee chartered accountant, and when I was recruiting trainee chartered accountants, it was generally accepted that A-level grades were the best indication of future success in ACA exams, far more so than class of degree.)

George Digweed, the greatest British sportsman you've never heard of.

You know those really expensive very large Lego Super Star Destroyers? What if you dropped one from a great height? And filmed it. At 1000fps.

10 typographic mistakes everyone makes (and which life is far, far too short to care about.)

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Royal Albert Hall to finally get retractable roof.

Piers Morgan recruited as Liberal Democrat media advisor

Darth Vader to run in Ukrainian presidential election

The Kindle Paperscent removes one of the remaining disadvantages of eBook readers.

bathstore launches world's first selfie mirror

Dating site doesn't want lonely hearts using Firefox

NASA detects 'intelligent' alien signal

Toby Carvery brings you the Breakfast Sundae

Manchester United's new home shirt to feature Sir Alex Ferguson's face

Ant and Dec to split. Dec will reinvent himself as 'Dec'.

Government to crack down on selfies

Domino's introduces the edible pizza box.

UN draws up peacekeeping plans in event of Scottish 'yes' vote.

Mumsnet to run maternity wards

Square eggs

New Scottish pound coin to use Alex Salmond's head instead of the Queen's

An independent Scotland would drive on the right

Aspiring 'glamour' model gets £5,000 breast enlargement plus £2,500 of dentistry on the NHS.

Eight year old bodybuilder

Polly Toynbee calls for Richard Murphy to sit on the board of HMRC

The Holy Grail has been in a Spanish church for ages.

You need to eat ten portions of fruit and veg a day, not five.

"Manchester United are not underdogs" against Bayern Munich.

Goat Simulator

Hull's rival to Bitcoin: HullCoin

Unite boss calls on members to kill the rich

Vegetable are good for you

George Osborne to get everyone a fancy job.

Netflix to relaunch Firefly

CERN website to switch to Comic Sans

Finding Pokemon with Google Maps

Michael Gove to make gowns and mortarboards compulsory

Leonard Nimoy to sing end credits song for third Hobbit movie

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Which of the following lovely friendly companies is actually a front for an evil multinational?

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Harris & Hoole coffee shops
Innocent Smoothies
PJ's Smoothies
Green & Black's chocolate
Teapigs tea
Sunshine Desserts

Read more... )
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"Deck the Halls with Macro Follies" - "The greatest collection of economic holiday hits ever assembled!"

Client feedback to marketing agencies as posters. (Much better than it sounds.)

Sir Patrick Moore had some financial difficulties in the last few years of his life. So Brian May bought his house for him. (Please, please, please BBC, don’t give The Sky at Night to that wanker from Manchester with the bad dress sense and the creepy lips. Give it to Chris Lintott and Brian May. Queen, not D*Ream.)

Famous movie scenes in Lego. (I think The Godfather is the best.)

ESPN presenter argues that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III isn't "really" black because he has a white fiancee and he's a Republican. (For this, he has been suspended for 30 days by ESPN. This is the same punishment they gave to a basketball commentator (whose wife is Asian-American) who asked “Is there a chink in his armour?” about a Chinese basketball player. The former behaviour seems much worse to me.)

Gerard Depardieu moves to Belgium and farts in the general direction of President Hollande.

Bradley Wiggins is, without doubt, the coolest man on the planet right now. And a random security guard might be second.

Football management - what they apparently _do_ teach you at Harvard Business School.

The Doha climate change talks failed. That doesn't matter since they would have had a trivial effect anyway. What matters far more is the Doha trade talks.

I wonder at what point the Labour Party website will remove this page...

Famous British eugenicists. (Including Marie Stopes, who disinherited her son for marrying a short-sighted woman.)

Strong contender for worst album cover of all time. On the other hand, it does feature a cat.

Spot the hidden Dalek!

If video games were realistic.

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There has been so much utter bollocks spouted by uninformed commentators (many of whom unfortunately are senior politicians whose job it is to know about such things, even the Chief Secretary to the Treasury), that I’ve wanted to do a post on this subject for quite some time. But then I’ve read lots that are better than anything I’d write, so I thought I’d just do a special corporate taxation edition of Phligm Phlagm, mostly brought to you by king_pellinor (a Chartered Tax Adviser and Head of Tax for a firm of chartered accountants [k_p – feel free to provide the name of the firm if you want publicity and don’t if you don’t]) with the occasional insight from other, equally sound commentators.

It’s mostly corporate taxation, with a bit of personal thrown in for good measure.

Why does the word "tax" mean people abandon all logic and sense?

Uninformed commentary

Olympic tax breaks

More tax silliness

Google tax dodging

Is this unacceptable tax planning?

Starbucks and Google and so on

Ignore sales figures

Don't ignore sales


MPs have no clue whatsoever

Transfer pricing


Public Accounts Committee Report

What the PAC wants to do

"Revealed: the real identities behind Britain's secret property deals"

The previous article makes this story somewhat ironic (and more than a little hypocritical)...

One way to avoid tax and minimum pricing!

Oh, and my own Rule 25.

EDIT: And one more from today on Richard Murphy:


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