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Rather odd article from a website called The Art of Manliness (logo: handlebar moustache, so I approve of that bit at least). I daresay most if not all of these could be enjoyed by women too, so I thought this had the makings of an LJ meme.

Bold the hobbies that you regularly take part in and italicise the ones you’ve tried at least once as an adult. Ones that you do as part of your job, or did as a child, don't count. It also doesn't count if you did the activity as a chore rather than as a hobby to be enjoyed.

Copy and repost on your own journals, or just comment here. This might be a way of finding someone else who shares a hobby with you but never posts about it because they didn't think anyone else would be interested.

  1. Reading

  2. Ham Radio

  3. Playing the Guitar

  4. Ballroom Dancing

  5. Parkour

  6. Woodworking

  7. Gardening

  8. Canoeing or Kayaking

  9. Lock Picking

  10. Classic Car Restoration

  11. Barbequeing

  12. Metalworking

  13. Marksmanship

  14. Collecting

  15. Singing

  16. Camping / Backpacking

  17. Ship in a Bottle

  18. Candle Making

  19. Weightlifting / Working Out

  20. Hunting

  21. Whittling

  22. Geocaching

  23. Model Building

  24. Gold Prospecting

  25. Leatherworking

  26. Bowling

  27. Archery

  28. Survival Prepping & Skills

  29. Letter Writing

  30. Martial Arts

  31. Knife / Tomahawk Throwing

  32. Hiking

  33. Tobacco Connoisseur

  34. Bicycling

  35. Coffee Roasting

  36. Fishkeeping

  37. Team Sports

  38. Online classes

  39. Motorcycling

  40. Picking / Antiquing

  41. Scrapping / Metal Detecting

  42. Golf

  43. Airsoft

  44. Woodburning

  45. Writing / Journalling

  46. Sailing

  47. Alcohol Connoisseur

  48. Scuba

  49. Model Trains

  50. Rock Climbing

  51. Historical Reenactment

  52. Beekeeping

  53. Vinyl Music

  54. Birding

  55. Home Projects

  56. Card Games and Board Games

  57. Volunteering

  58. Photography

  59. Surfing

  60. Pool / Billiards / Snooker

  61. Mountaineering

  62. Slacklining

  63. Cooking

  64. Flying

  65. Magic

  66. Learning a Foreign Language

  67. Blogging

  68. Paintball

  69. Fencing

  70. Beer Brewing

  71. Drawing and Painting

  72. Amateur Astronomy

  73. Genealogy

  74. Knitting

  75. Computer Programming

  76. Obstacle and Adventure Races

  77. Fishing

  78. Roleplaying Games

  79. Computer Games

  80. Football Manager

  81. NFL Draft Prediction

  82. Map Making

  83. Fast cars

(OK, I added the last few myself. Feel free to do likewise.)

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