Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Applying that decluttering bollocks to a post-apocalyptic world.

This guy really didn't like this year's Sherlock. (SPOILERS in the article.) I gave up on Sherlock years ago. Much prefer the ITV series.

Most A/B testing is bollocks.

"'No regrets': Pakistani mom promised her daughter a wedding reception. Instead, she burned her alive. Nice…

Always funny: posh students completely unaware of quite how patronising they are.

The best and worst memes of 2016.

On the question of whether the government should tell women what they can and cannot wear, Americans are very liberal, and Germans are really illiberal.

A truly bizarre BBC article attacking Donald Trump for being teetotal. That’s not the most ridiculous part. The worst is that they quoted Ted Kennedy explaining why Jimmy Carter being teetotal was so bad. TED KENNEDY??? I bet Mary-Jo’s family wish that Ted had been teetotal too!

"Taliban bomb expert accidentally kills himself and 4 sons" I question the use of the term “expert” in this news story…

CIA assessment of British politics from 1985 "The Labour Party is in the hands of urban leftists given to ideological extremes with only fringe appeal". It also identified Jeremy Corbyn’s links to Marxist guerrillas in El Salvador. Since that’s only mentioned in passing, I assume that everyone already knows that Corbyn is friends with mass murdering scum…

Some really nice photographs of trees.

Trump returns Churchill's bust to the Oval Office.

Life in a nutshell according to Google. (Thanks topum.)

The Tunguska Event might not have been a meteorite impact.

The best day to trigger Article 50 would be March 25th. For the lolz.

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Rather odd article from a website called The Art of Manliness (logo: handlebar moustache, so I approve of that bit at least). I daresay most if not all of these could be enjoyed by women too, so I thought this had the makings of an LJ meme.

Bold the hobbies that you regularly take part in and italicise the ones you’ve tried at least once as an adult. Ones that you do as part of your job, or did as a child, don't count. It also doesn't count if you did the activity as a chore rather than as a hobby to be enjoyed.

Copy and repost on your own journals, or just comment here. This might be a way of finding someone else who shares a hobby with you but never posts about it because they didn't think anyone else would be interested.

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